Thursday, March 10, 2011


This first date of ours
Was perfect and fun
And what I've been thinking
Maybe you're the one

I can't stop thinking
How in love I am
Though it's been a short time
It's love, I understand

We went to the movies
But I didn't watch it much
I was to mesmerized by you
And when our hands did touch

We started holding hands
And we didn't let go
We are in love
And want the whole world to know

Then, you put your arm
Right around me
I was so excited
I think we're meant to be

At one point I just
Stared at you
And then surprisingly
You looked at me too

We looked into each other's eyes
And stared at each other for a while
When we finally came back from heaven
I couldn't help but smile

I know that I'm in love
And I know that you're great
I will always remember you
Because you gave me my first date!! :DD

p/s:   You are everything I want. I love you with everything I have and I love everything that you do SAYANG!! :)

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